For Teachers

School Group tours are available by reservation only,

 and are free of charge. 

Please review the Plaquemine Lock Teachers’ Guide before your visit.

Your tour will include the Lock house, Lock Chamber, and  the Historic Boat Pavilion located right on the Mississippi River.  We can provide activities such as a video trivia game, scavenger hunts, and bird watching.

Some themes covered on these tours are river navigation, coastal erosion, life on the river, historic boats of Louisiana, lock operation, and much more!

Group tours are limited to 40, but special arrangements can be made for groups up to 100 or more.

We offer  activities and lessons that will compliment all below G.L.E.

Pre-K through 12 Social Studies G.L.E.

Pre-K through 12 Language/English/ Arts G.L.E

Pre-K through 12 Science G.L.E.

Pre-K through 12 Math G.L.E.

Our staff is here to work with you and your students, so please contact Stan Richardson  at 1-877-987-7158 or 225-687-7158 to set up a field trip or custom create an educational program for your class.

Hope to see ya!


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